Tutorial: How to use Draw.io to create a Network Diagram for FREE! (Part 1)


This is the basic entry level tutorial on the basics of Draw.io so that you can easily get started with creating your first network diagram.

I found this program easy to use, and while not feature rich has all the features you would need. Including the ability to export to numerous file formats and even turn your diagram into an interactive network map.

Compared to the paid programs like Visio or Gliffy this is a no brainier, it won’t cost you any money, just a bit of your time and these skills can be useful for both home and work.

In Part 2 of the video soon to come I will go over something I created to take the functionality of this program to a whole different level, I promise it’s pretty cool stuff so stay tuned for Part 2!

Nguồn: https://wapchoi.net/

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  1. I appreciate you making this. It sure helps get up to speed and get an idea of what to expect as I go to use draw.io for the first time. My only critique is your video intro. It scared the heck outta me with my headphones on lol

  2. Excellent video. I just heard of draw.io a few days ago…was looking around for tutorials. Glad you made this. Very well done as well.

    Two thumbs up!!!!

  3. Excellent; I was playing around with draw.io & took a good hour for even simple diagrams. With your inputs on scratchpad & library and most importantly how to use arrows…it made my day. Thanks a ton.

  4. TL;DR version: Great job on introducting Draw.io. Please make more videos.

    Coffee cup version: I would like to encourage you to continue your video series and perhaps expand on it. You have a clear and conversational style of speaking (a big plus, IMO) and your video is focused without all the mess and fuss that accompany other videos. Looking forward to Part 2 (can't find it yet in April 2019).

    I use MS and Adobe programs at work but for my own use, I am shifting to open source/free/non-subscription-based software. I was happy to find Draw.io and downloaded the desktop version on my Macbook Pro. I will be creating lots of diagrams both for business and for my classes. Since you have networking experience, it would be quite helpful if you could do some videos with some real-world networking diagrams. Right now, I am trying to create a Synology-based mesh network, but my work will expand to other systems and topologies. Thanks!


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