Tokyo Ghoul:Re – Anime VS Manga | WHAT HAPPENED?


Tokyo Ghoul:re’s anime adaptation has been met with a mix of emotions. All except for joy, personally. Take our hand as we delve into what makes Tokyo Ghoul:re’s anime tick. But mostly what keeps it from ticking to a tune of not disappointing my love for it.

Edited, voiced, and written by my new partner in crime, Ian, and co-written by me, the man behind the purple, Glen. More of the usual coming every week now since it’s Summer! And more divergent videos like this one happening as well.

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  1. what are you talking about. I loved the first two seasons and then this RE thing happened i stopped mid way of that season

  2. I feel like it would just work so well if season two was canon cause it was so good. And what’s the point of making it if it’s not even canon

  3. At first I thought that Centipede kaneki in Na is creepy but when I read the manga it's goosebump material

  4. As a strictly anime fan I liked the beginning. season 1 was decent imo definitely not as good as the original series but for me it was enjoyable.. I will agree that season 2 of re sucked and added nothing to the franchise the ending felt so rushed and unsatisfying it would have been better if they had just ended the series with dragon Kaneki. Oh well it had potential Maby one day we’ll get a remake or a movie that dosent skip half the chapters in the manga .


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