Evolution of The Harvest Moon Games ( 1996-2019 )


Evolution of The Harvest Moon Games ( 1996-2019 ). Enjoy and please SUBSCRIBE — — to support me also leave your comment to share your thoughts

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  1. Ngl all the good harvest moon games were made before 2010. No question about it
    especially Animal Parade why do I love that game so much
    and a wonderful life

  2. HM: More Friends in Mineral Town when you play as the blonde, that was my favorite game of the series. I played all the way until I was married with my baby in-game.

  3. I don't see the point of their constantly redesigning the game. I think Back to Nature is perfect. But it would be cool if they just tell more stories, create different towns, and/or add more gameplay with that same design. And I wish the girl version of Back to Nature would have the same ending as the boy version.

  4. the 1999 version for PS 1 and PSP
    is the best version that ever existed
    i hope they just update it without changing the story line maybe make it much longer and fixes the graphic (just small changes)

  5. Harvest moon another wonderful life was really well done. I personally feel like they didnt invest more in the game after its release.

  6. Finally I've been looking for this game for a long time! The version I played is Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town! Thank you so much for making this video!, without it I wouldn't be able to find this game. 😄❤️


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