Evolution of IGI 2000-2021


Evolution of IGI Games 2000-2021 | IGI 3 Game | IGI Origins 2021 | History of IGI Games | I am going in evolution

Hi and welcome to Game_track. This video shows how the graphics of IGI games have evolved over the past few years. All the gameplay clips shown in this video were recorded by me using nvidia shadowplay. I hope that this video will be helpful for you. Thanks for Watching!

► Evolution of Project IGI games

1. Project IGI 2000
Platform – Microsoft Windows

2. IGI 2: Covert Strike
Platform – Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Macintosh operating systems

3. IGI Origins 2020 or 2021
Platform – Microsoft Windows
IGI Origins on Steam –

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Except igi origins, all the gameplay clips shown in this video were recorded by me using shadowplay

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  1. Thanks for Watching this video!
    ►Evolution of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2007-2019 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oStRfnawdLY
    ►Evolution ofSniper Ghost Warrior 2008-2019 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jnkskIwizI

  2. i have strong pc and so many modern games with awesome graphics and still very often i play this masterpiece
    never gets old

  3. IGI 's soundtrack is still one of the best sounds pubg 's sounds are nothing infront of it !

    Remember when you are walking in IGI and suddenly here " Hey , you. Stop there!"
    It's enough to get a man heart attack

  4. I love this game and I have so much memories playing it with my dad. But to be honest I'm not that excited because I know it's not gonna have those old vibes. Now games are all about Multiplayer, Battle royal, DLCs and full of micro-transactions. Before games were fun, when you play story mode you are the main character and you feel like a hero in the game but now games are all about survival if you lose they just make you feel like a pice of shit.


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