Economic Development: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


State and local governments offer large financial incentives to attract employers to their part of the country. John Oliver explains what communities get, or often don’t get, in return. 

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  1. I'm unemplyed in Finland. The taxman takes 20% tax on my dole, because I don't have any taxcut benefits because I'm unemployed. The rightwing politicians immediately when they got into the goverment repealed the maximum rent law. Now the rightwing politicians ask all the time why do unemployed finns get over €1000 in a month and the answer is because about €800 of it goes to the rent. But when you tell them that that is the same as giving tax money straigth to landlords they don't listen you.

    Now there's a huge drive to make unemployed start up businesses and the only reason for that is to get the statistics neater.

  2. I love how we pay taxes for road maintenance and upkeep as well as infrastructure yet these companies use and abuse them more than tax payers do combined, given shipping and manufacturing demands. We are driving over potholes, yet their roads and lots are always like new. It is not acceptable to allow any major business such as these to dodge taxes the way they do. If anything they should have a much, much higher tax than we do since they use those features more than the average Joe. This isn’t the capitalism that Adam Smith envisioned. The United States has bastardized the hell out of his principles. It has become too corrupt. The blue collar worker is now no more than a common slave wiping the asses of his masters. However it isn’t sustainable. Adam Smith warmed that if the economic gap grew too great that it would all collapse completely. And the greedy don’t care for foresight not morality, so it is coming. It’s been happening, some of it is just spread out over so much time that you cannot see how tightly it is interwoven. And few will suffer now than those gluttonous enough to have caused it. The poor are used to doing without and finding other means of survival, the wealthy aren’t capable of surviving without their financial resources. They will be among a sea of enemies in the real world they will fall helplessly into. And they will look to their prior slaves to save them from their own incompetency at being “men”.

  3. I have believe in a economy very similar to today's world but with one major change. If to few people/entity/business/thing own most of the money a certain percentage must always be available to the community/public of the world. There should always be at least 65% of the money in today's dollars available to the public and must maintain a pattern similar to it at the end of every year. Whether to earn, keep, or other economic choices, This change can be possible if we allow the cost of living (basic food/water/shelter) to be free for all, but only the bare minimum. This will free the economy to be more focused on businesses and it will allow governments to change the pattern of it with out causing any harm to any one seriously in there way of living.

    I also believe that there should be a futuristic economy were it doesn't focus on supply and demand. The cost of basic living is free and the creation of what the world is interested in is what is only relevant and pattern of money is irrelevant as long as the goal was completed.

  4. Honest question, what would happen if all the states decided that they no longer want to give tax breaks to these big corporations, what exactly are they going to do? Will they decide not to do business in quite possibly the biggest market on the planet? Will they go to Europe where the taxes are even higher, and the benefits to corporations are much lower? What's stopping the states from saying "Pay your taxes, or fuck off".

  5. When the first guy said "Alexa, where should Amazon build its new HQ?" MY fucking Alexa heard that and responded with "Amazon is building its new HQ……

  6. Learned more about the ins an outs of the government's around the world than I ever learned in school. Thanks😁. No really. Thanks John✌💖🙏

  7. Its 2020 John.. Have you seen the fucking boat that they fuuuuuuuuucked??
    And please stop making cooronavirus pieces

  8. Jobs are not important and neither is career. Only creates wage slaves in a world where there is more than enough to provide for all, with none left out and costing no one a penny. (because money is archaic and needs to go anyway). Most menial jobs can be automated now, freeing humanity to do other things.

  9. lower the minimum wage, reduce benefits, and ease land acquisition in order to encourage companies to build more infrastructure.

  10. "Jobs: Literally the only reason amyone gets up before 11am."
    Me still in bed at 2:30pm on Monday during lockdown: "Yep"

  11. 2:34 Them's fightin' words, ya Hoosier bastards.

    You let Mike Pence run your state into the ground. It's a dump and everyone is poor there. Compare your lakefront to ours and then kill yourselves by jumping in the polluted water on yours.

  12. I really enjoy John's videos. Tremendously creative !
    Please also be kind to check out my friend's channel :

  13. Jeff Bezos net worth is $115 billion dollars. He could literally be a hero to our world by applying 99% of those funds directly to the environment, while still living like a rich asshole.

  14. America's fear of socialism, even when the name is attributed to something only loosely related to the concept, is the reason people are so idiotically screwing themselves out of financial security. America has 7 of the 10 richest people in the world, that's an undeniable sign that something's messed up.

  15. I was watching this show picture-in-picture and for a moment I thought John was referring to me… I was like, wtf lol


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