American segregation, mapped at day and night


We work in diverse places. We live in segregated ones.

Check out this interactive map that Alvin built, to see these effects for yourself:

Correction: At 3:37, we mislabeled a map “Charlotte,” but it is actually the Charleston metropolitan area.

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America policies engineered our segregated homes. But the workplace? That had the chance of being a place where we interact with people of other races — and form meaningful relationships. These maps show that this hasn’t exactly happened. In fact, the most personal parts of our lives is still very segregated. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  1. Correction: at 3:37 the video mistakenly labels a map "Charlotte." The map shown is actually of the Charleston metropolitan area.

  2. I would have never wanted to live next to those dogs! The government wouldn't have had to worry about me wanting to live next door to all of that hate.

  3. White americans forget who brings the africans to america as slaves lol and act as if they never want to be together with blacks when they are actually just avoiding the thought that they used to treat the africans badly in the past.

  4. Black people were segregated from other races( white, mexican, asian etc) cuz the Jim crow law only was applying to black people

  5. America has serious issues and most pretend they don't exist, we are more advanced and civilized, greatest nation in the world etc.

  6. I'm pretty used to being in spaces where my family and I are the only black people. As a lawyer, my mother often took my father and I to social events with her in which we were the only black family (or alongside 1-2 others). My first teaching job was at a middle school in the more affluent part of the city, and of course, I was one of only 2 black teachers, and the only one that attended the school's social teacher parties. Mind you, my city is very racially diverse and deeply blue/Democratic–though this is the South. I am thoroughly unsurprised by this video. Even as we (try to) move forward as a society, we very much have a long way to go.

  7. Maybe the reason white people in America are friends with more white people is because theres more white people in America

  8. How do you confuse Charleston with Charlotte? One is literally on the coastline and one is smack dab in the middle of Noth Carolina

  9. 6:04 just goes to show how Hispanics are more hospitable, and easier to get along with than others…even after having a language barrier for some.

  10. And now the white people are moving into these 'hood' areas 😆I should know. My neighborhood has multiple white people now haha, but better for my parent's home value which has already skyrocketed.

  11. 06:11
    Doesnt the amount of people from different color/culture living in the US have an impact on how often I interact with others ?
    When I meet 20 white people and one becomes my friend and when I meet 5 hispanic and no one becomes my friend, it's a not a segregation or racism problem, in my opinion. This is just probability..

  12. How did you make those awesome population graphs on the map? Geolocate() and Createmap(), are they from google api? Thanks!

  13. The suburbs changed this country in profound ways for example elections big cites are typically liberal rural areas are typically conservatives but the suburbs are a mix they are the swing voting base

  14. This video makes so many assumptions and glosses over so many interesting questions. Like why these things are the way they are. Yes, lots of it probably stems from policy decisions made in the mid 20th century, but what about culture? different races, and different classes all have quite distinctly different cultures. They are what allow you to socialise with one another. Some white people only have white friends because america is like 75% white and they end up being friends with whoever has a similar cultural background in their area. Black people make up only 12% so naturally they will have some white friends. Same with other races. I wouldn't be so quick to call all this segregation. its not as though there are laws against diversity, if fact its one of the most actively encouraged things in society currently.

  15. Please take into account that white people are the majority in the US and therefore are more likely to be the majority at a workplace or social event because there is simply more white people

  16. About the amount of friends that people of different race have. A lot of it is kind of something we're born into. If a white kid is born into a dominantly black community, that person will have more black friends. If they're born in the white sub-urbs, they're going to have more white friends. The rest is also up to the people who bring those people up (all races). There are a lot of variables in these kinds of things. My parents are a bit against jews and other races (we're as white as can be), but I'm not, people are people, doesn't matter what colour the skin is or who they pray to.
    That's just my idea though, I haven't looked into it that much + I live in a country where the only blacks you see are students who have come to study.
    And yes, my parents are annoyed at my choices a bit c:


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